Kayla Greene + Jamie Brown


MEET KAYLA:               

Kayla is the creator and lead photographer of Southern Style Photography! Her love of photography runs deep, as she has spent a lot of time both in front of and behind the camera. (Hint: if you’ve ever seen pictures of her, you already know she’s well versed in how to pose in the most flattering of ways- making her your go to girl when you want fun and beautiful pictures!)

If there is one thing you must know about Kayla, it is her love for traveling and meeting people along the way! Whether it’s going for a relaxing hike in the mountains, or spontaneous trips to beaches and small towns- she’s always down for exploring new places and a new adventure!

Kayla married her best friend and love of her life in December of 2016. They have a fur baby named Gauge and are currently in the process of designing and building their first home together! Aside from married life, they enjoy traveling together, cheering on those Georgia Bulldogs, hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Fun facts:

  • Though she’s adventurous at heart, she also lives for being at home cozied up watching a good ole Hallmark movie!

  • Cheerleading is her second love. Before photography, her life revolved around cheerleading. She was part of an all-star competitive team for 10 years (where Kayla & Jamie became lifelong friends) then cheered at Valdosta State University in college.

  • The word ‘Southern’ in Southern Style Photography didn’t come out of nowhere. Kayla is a true country girl at heart- appreciating all aspects of southern living.



Jamie is the assistant and secondary shooter for Southern Style Photography. Her venture into photography is recent, as she has had a growing interest in the behind the scenes of photography and exploring her creative side!

Jamie shares the same love for adventure and travel and is a sucker for a good love story! You will find that she loves to joke around, randomly burst into song and dance and will keep you entertained and laughing during shoots!

Jamie married her farm prince in April of 2017. Together they have a two year old little girl, two dogs, a few cows and chickens, too! They enjoy spending time at home on their small farm located in Eatonton.

Fun facts:

  • Music and driving are her stress relievers, but her love for music runs DEEP- no matter the genre, she will find the perfect song for any scenario!

  • Obsessed with baby GOATS!

  • Even though it terrifies her to share her work with others, she has a passion for writing!


Our photography style can be described as bold, vibrant, candid, and authentic. We use natural light and a simple editing style. We want your photos to look exactly the way things did in real life!

Our friendship goes way back to Jr. High! We met in the 8th grade while cheerleading for a competitive travel team- and have been besties ever since! We’ve made it through many seasons of life together- from the high school and college years to the newlywed/adult phase of life we are now in. We think what has kept our friendship so solid through the years, is our idea of what’s important in life- having similar styles/interests and valuing real love and friendship. Together, we have experienced the twists and turns, ups and downs and the closeness and distance relationships go through over a long period of time. We consider ourselves more than friends- more like sisters, and now business partners! We’re excited for where this new chapter of life will take us and hope you will join us on our journey! 

We know your memories are important. That is why we treat each session, wedding, or event as if it is our own. You aren’t just a client to us, you are our friend. We hope to be a part of telling your story- no matter what chapter of life you're in. Whether it be marrying your best friend, taking your first family postcard picture, announcing the arrival of a little one...we want to know the beautiful, authentic YOU!